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Personalization, 1:1 Marketing and Other Uses for Variable Data Printing


Idea Gallery

The uses for data and data-driven communications are seemingly endless. The process of collecting, storing and analyzing more and different types of data generates even more data...to be collected, stored and analyzed. For this reason, variable data printing has an almost limitless application potential. While the focus of VDP is communicating by putting characters and images on printable media, the variable information used in VDP often has application in electronic and other media such as email, PURLs, landing pages, PDFs, social media, etc.

Personalize with:

  • Recipient names

  • Company names

  • Last contact date or reason

  • Purchase or contribution details

  • Gender-related images and messages

  • Interest-related images and messages

  • Location-related images and messages


  • Show recipients' agent/rep images and contact information

  • Use geo-location to show nearest branch/store/office location

  • Add codes for response tracking



  • Include special bar codes, QR codes or other information on event tickets

  • Track pieces with special or sequential numbers

  • Use VDP to add security features to discourage unauthorized duplication

Production/Cost Control:

  • Consolidate mailings to minimize processing and postage cost

  • Combine different pieces to minimize postage cost & effort

  • Use offset and digital printing to minimize production costs/clicks