Data Enhancement


Better Data. Better Business


Data enhancing simply means adding information to an existing data set such as a mailing or contact list. This helps you identify behaviors, interests and needs of customers, donors, clients, etc. in order to target the optimum audience with effective and efficient communications.

Typical data enhancements include the following information:

  • Gender

  • Marital Status

  • Date of Birth

  • Number of Children

  • Education Level

  • Occupation - Industry Segment

  • Est. Household Income Range

  • Number of Credit Lines

  • Est. Net Worth Range

  • Dwelling Type

  • Home Ownership

  • Home Purchase Date

  • Est. Current Home Value Range

  • Est. Home Purchase Price Range

  • Ethnicity

  • Religious Affiliation

  • Language

  • Auto make

  • Auto year

  • Auto model