Software-Free VDP

Variable Data Printing and Other Software

Many print shops have purchased VDP software but end up not using it. Easy and less expensive VDP software can have limited functionality. High-powered and expensive VDP software can be impossible to learn to use effectively and efficiently. Moreover, there’s the whole issue of managing data and presorting addresses before even using the VDP software. The bottom line is that the majority of smaller print shops do little or no VDP because of the complexity and cost.

With EZ-VDP services, you don’t need any variable data printing software or mailing software or any other special software...that’s why we call it “software-free VDP”. There’s no special software to buy, to use or to learn. EZ-VDP is a collection of outsourced VDP-related services that enable you to focus on using VDP to grow business and profits without having to worry about VDP software or the  mechanics of creating VDP print files. Even if you have no VDP experience, you can be selling and printing VDP jobs tomorrow with EZ-VDP.

Printer shops commonly outsource specialized services such as bindery, finishing, inserting, addressing and mailing. EZ-VDP is simply outsourced VDP print file creation and data management. However, unlike some other outsourced services, EZ-VDP enables you to use more of your existing resources...the same resources used for static printing. Software-free EZ-VDP actually allows you to bring more work in-house and reduce job costs, sometimes very dramatically.  Even printers already using VDP software can use a hand some times. When the VDP software won’t do what’s needed or the in-house VDP expert needs a hand...we ready to can help