Real Handwriting


Consistently Inconsistent Humans


Real human handwriting is consistently inconsistent. That's how we can tell it's real.

Typical handwriting fonts look fake because they lack the human-ness. Human handwriting is a complex mixture of errors and inconsistencies. For example, real human handwriting:

  • Isn't perfectly justified

  • Doesn't follow a straight line

  • Skews, rotates and slants characters

  • Has no two characters exactly alike

  • Has chanaging text size

  • Is random and inconsistent


That is what we've replicated with the font-app: randomly inconsistent characters, directions, justification, flow, size, etc.
The font-app is part font and part application but the results are fully the best imitation of handwriting available for use with variable data printing. See the examples below:




















                  In the example above, it's easy to recognize that things are too straight, too consistent and too much the same.



























Here's a nicely imperfect mess. Nothing is very straight or aligned or the same size...even the same letters seem the same are all slightly different. Even the numbers in the address are slightly different.

We think you'll agree that the font-app looks great. We can even replicate your customers' handwriting...give us a call.