Presort & NCOA Services


Mail List Processing & More...

The conventional wisdom that says the lowest printing cost leads to the lowest job cost is simply not true when the job must be mailed. There are many situations where using offset printing or a mail house may be the most expensive way to go.

We put you in control by enabling you to do your own print presorted and pre-addressed VDP pieces, cut, sort and drop them at the post office. We give you all the documents for the USPS and more:

  • USPS postage statement & USPS qualification report

  • Address change reports

  • Printable tray tags


Advanced bar code and mailing features such as Full Service OneCode ACS bar coding and Carrier Route presorting are available.

Have questions about mailing? Our staff will gladly answer them and walk you through the whole mailing process.

CASS, Presort & NCOA

One of the most common uses of variable data printing is for direct mail. Using VDP addressing can be a cost effective way to handle a variety of static print jobs.

We provide a full range of mail presort services (including full-service ACS and IMB) either as stand-alone service or merged with your artwork to create VDP print files for you to print.

CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) - CASS ensures the use of complete and standardized mailing addresses by correcting misspelled information or adding missing information such as cities, states and ZIP codes.

Presorting - Presorting mail by ZIP) code sequence can provide three advantages; 1) reducing the cost of postage, 2) reducing the delivery time, and 3) both 1) and 2).

Because presorting eliminates some collection and sorting work for the USPS, discounted postage rates are available for qualifying mailings.  Moreover, presorting permits a mailing to enter the USPS system farther up the sorting and distribution pipeline which shortens delivery time.

NCOA (National Change of Address) - The NCOA is a registry maintained by the USPS of people who have changed their mailing address.  Comparing a mailing list to the NCOA registry minimizes the number of undeliverable pieces of mail the USPS needs to handle.

In most cases, all of the above processes must be applied to a mail list to qualify for reduce postage rates.  However, there are a myriad of limitations and restrictions on mailings.

Our mail presort service includes the USPS Qualification Report, the USPS Postage Statement, printable mail tray tags and address correction reports.