Handwriting Uses


The Power of Handwriting


Consider this -

Recent studies by the Direct Marketing Association show that open rates for printed direct mail range from 14 to 25%, depending on factors such as targets and industries. However, the open rate soars to more than 99% for hand-addressed envelopes.

That's the power of handwriting!

The Market for Handwritten Notes


There is a huge untapped potential market for high quality, handwritten pieces. It's untapped because there have been few viable options available. Producing thousands of handwritten notes meant they would:1) look fake, 2) be terribly expensive, and/or 3) not be entirely made with variable data. Just do an internet search for handwritten envelopes and see all the companies offering such services.

Some examples where personalized handwritten text is used:

  • Envelop addressing (see above) for all types of businesses/organizations

  • Adding personalized "PS" notes on printed letters

  • "Thank You" postcards or notes for donations, service, etc.

  • Letters with real personalized "Post-it" attached

  • Postcards of all types, including Christmas/Holiday

  • Recruiting or "Sorry" type of notes

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