It's a Font...It's an App...It's Both!


Our exclusive realistic-looking handwriting font-app is part font and part application. That's what makes it so effective at imitating real handwriting.

It starts with a very special font set of text characters and then uses an application to add all of the imperfect human touches such as misalignment, varying sizes, changing directions and rotating, skewing and changing character shapes to the variable input data.

Printed pieces come out of your digital press looking like they've been handwritten when you use the VDP print files we prepare for you. Furthermore, there's no extra work for you to do other than telling us which basic handwriting style to use.

There's no limit of the application of the font-app....

Following are just some of the handwriting styles available (note that other handwriting effects are applied to these font to make them look realistic):





















We can also create a style from your customers' us to discuss the ultimate in personalization!